Impact of SMSC

At The Jane Lane School we foster an understanding of social moral spiritual and cultural values, with focus on contributing to the community. This is achieved through teaching and learning within curriculum subjects and through wide range of educational and recreational activities. Our ethos: “For everyone to work tirelessly to achieve extraordinary results continuously through person-centred approaches that deliver truly inclusive provision.”

The impact of SMSC on our pupils ensures that they:

Have the ability to understand and communicate their own preferences and where appropriate their points of view. Pupils behaviour at Jane Lane is exemplary and through teaching about Rules of Law and becoming good and valued citizens our pupils understand the importance of appropriate behaviour and manners. Our pupils have been commended by OFSTED and the school improvement partner on their manners and behavior which is impacted upon through the teaching of mutual respect. Our children have many opportunities to be part of the wider community and this is encouraged through pupils attending college one morning per week in KS4 and 5. Having access to work experience and by taking part in a wide variety of curriculum based trips.
Our pupils have experiences of people from all different abilities, genders, faiths, heritages and races. Cultural appreciation and development forms part of our curriculum. As part of this our pupils experience termly cultural days where they experience the foods, languages and cultures of vast amounts of countries. Our broad assembly rota promotes all parts of the SMSC agenda.


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